All property owners in the Shire of Barcoo are advised that Rate Notices for the current half year were issued on Monday 6th March 2017.

Notices have been issued to the last advised address on Council records and it is the responsibility of the owner to advise of any changes of address in writing. 

If any owner does not recieve their Rate Notice could they contact the Council Office, 6 Perkins Street, Jundah on 07 4658 6900 as soon as possible.

Payment is required within the specified discount period. Under no circumstances will discount be allowed on payments recieved after the final date for discount shown on the Rate Notice, namely 4.45pm on Friday 7th April 2017.



In 2016-17, Council will invest $11.9m to improve our roads, parks and community facilities. We’re able to do that through responsible financial management by using grants, reserve funding and depreciation, and only increasing rates and charges in line with CPI (2%).

This year, Council has committed to three major items that all impact on cash flow. These being:

  1. The financial commitment of the Barcoo Shire to significantly help the Optic Fibre Project
  2. A significant injection into the Capital Works Program to support jobs
  3. A significant plant replacement program.

Key investment includes $3.4m to upgrade rural roads, $1m on the Jundah Store, $925,000 for our water infrastructure and $820,000 for town streets.
Each year, Council must balance its expenditure with its revenue. In 2016-17, we will invest $5.15m in our local Council workforce (34% of our expenditure) and $6.2m on materials and services (41.3%).

We’re expecting to receive total revenue of $15m this financial year, with rates making up only $1m of that amount (6.6%). Other revenue will come from recoverable works ($4.9m – 32.6%) and grants ($8.3m – 55.3%).

Our $11.9m community investment (capital works program) will be funded by $3.3m in grants, $2.9m from reserves and $3.6m from depreciation charges.
This year, we have limited contract and recoverable works, (which generate revenue), so we will dip into reserves to fund our road and maintenance crews and ensure our workforce remains fully occupied.



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