The dates for Council's General Meetings have been scheduled fro 2013. Please refer to our Meeting Minutes page for dates, venues and commencement times.

This notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 74 of the Local Government (Operations) Regulation 2010.


Council invites tenders for suppliers of services in areas related to building maintenance and small construction works, painting, electrical services and installations, pest control, and air conditioning maintenance and installation, both domestic and industrial.

Please refer to the Tenders page for details and documentation.

Dog and cat registrations are designed to promote responsible pet ownership. Registration of your dog and/or cat is compulsory. Please refer to our Dog & Cat Registration page for more information.

TenderCouncil has a number of items for sale by tender. Please refer to the Tenders page for more information.

Council is in the process of reviewing its local laws and subordinate local laws to identify possible anti-competitive provisions and undertake a public interest test in relation to each proposed local law and subordinate local which contains a possible anti-competitive provision.

Council invites you to make submissions in relation to the proposed local laws and subordinate local laws by Monday, 20 February 2012.

Refer to the Public interest testing of local laws and subordinate local laws information on the Community Consultation page to participate in the review process.